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Embedded Video

🐺 embed video
FUCK youtube. Host it yerself!
embed-video launches a video-js1 instance within a content page.

There’s a handful of parameters that can be fed to the shortcode.

Full parameter list #

Usage #


With the aid of VideoJS-Youtube There are two ways to use embed-video to display youtube videos.


embed-video YoutubeStyle 🎞️ Examples: #

ytVidID Only #

{{< embed-video name=“ytVidIDtest” techOrder=“youtube” ytVidID=“dYaX2xjB9y4” >}}

{{< embed-video name=“ytVidIDtest” techOrder=“youtube” showLink=true ytVidID=“dYaX2xjB9y4” >}}

{{< embed-video name=“yttest2” techOrder=“youtube” showLink=true vidFullURI=“" >}}

vidFullURI Example #

{{< embed-video name=“yttest2” techOrder=“youtube” vidFullURI=“" >}}


NOTE: I’ve not figured out how to get rid of the poster image bullshit here. todo later. have wasted too much time on this for the moment

Skwirreltrap-Hosted Content #


embed-video SkwirreltrapStyle 🐿️πŸͺ€ Examples: #

name Only #

{{< embed-video name=“NocSunPromo04.m4v” >}}


{{< embed-video name=“NocSunPromo09.mp4” showLink=true >}}


{{< embed-video name=“UDUMASS.m4v” path=“lulz/” showLink=true >}}

name and path #

{{< embed-video name=“Panda.mp4” path=“lulz/” >}}

“External” Content #


There are two ways to use the embed-video shortcode with external video assets.

The most straightforward is to just declare the name and use vidFullURI to define the entire URI:

OR, if you want to, you can declare the different parts of vidURI5 resource fed to the videojs player as a $.Scratch variable: The parameters’ default values work for video content stored in Skwirreltrap’s staticsite.

Here’s a breakdown:


{{< embed-video name=“PandaLink” showLink=true vidFullURI=“" >}}

name and vidFullURI #

{{< embed-video name=“PandaCheese” vidFullURI=“" >}}


  1. ↩︎

  2.> ↩︎

  3. ↩︎

  4. This defaults to vids/ ↩︎ ↩︎

  5. [embed-video.html:133] ↩︎

  6. This is set to https by default. If the shortcode is fed https=false it will be set to http ↩︎

  7. This defaults to ↩︎