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A Timely, Poignant reminder of the ephemerality of this experience

Anyone who knows me, knows I’ve got a plethora of diverse opinions and perspectives. Most of these I believe are legitimately valuable, and useful to share with those around me..

The accuracy of my belief is, of course, not absolute; so… take this perspective with as much salt as you feel it warrants.


The 🐶Creatures, and 💁‍♂️humans you ❤️love DESERVE to be regularly and sincerely reminded of their significance to you.

There is a lot of pressure… internal and external..

  • to succeed..
  • to hit the milestone..
  • to postpone that personal goal for $reasonThatFeelsImportant
  • to categorize soulful growth as less important as professional growth

The cost of acquiescing to that pressure is oft felt most acutely by our loved ones.

This has been a week that has unmistakably demonstrated to me the importance of cherishing those around you.

Each and every one of us, and the creatures we love, will cease to be a participating member of this experience at some point… and we can rarely predict when that transition will occur.

So, please… take a moment….

Love on your dog.. Pet your cat.. (after bribing it to acknowledge your existence of course) Appreciate the splendor of your fish… …or celebrate the animals you feel bonded with in whatever fashion feels appropriate….

Now reflect back on your circle of humans and ask yourself if you’re proud of how you have shown up for your part of that relationship… or if there’s a bit of deferment going on….

and if there is, I urge you to remember that you cannot change your past, but you CAN choose to change your present, and behave differently moving forward…

Be the best version of you that you can be, and demonstrate to those around you just how important they are…

….You just might not get another chance….

I lost the best part of me this week. I miss her more than is possible for me to express in words.

Life is a journey to an unpredictable destination…

Those others we walk alongside for a time may not be there next time we glance to where they were.

There’s nothing we can do to change that…. But we can certainly appreciate and cherish what we have here and now.

I hope you do…. …and i sincerely hope this helps.