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🐺 Boxes
Boxes can be used to create a simple grid.

This shortcode came from hugo-geekblog

Attributes #

Name Description default
size size of each box (small, regular, large) regular
icon (optional) title bar icon, need to be an icon from an SVG sprite undefined
title (optional) title bar text undefined

Usage #

{{< boxes "contact" >}}
{{<   box size=small [title=E-Mail icon=email] >}}{{< /box >}}
{{<   box size=large title=Matrix icon=matrix >}}{{< /box >}}
{{<   box size=large title=XMPP icon=xmpp >}}{{< /box >}}
{{<   box size=large title=Others >}}You can also find us on the Fediverse.{{< /box >}}
{{< /boxes >}}

Example #

You can also find us on the Fediverse.