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🦍 Shortcodes
katex uses KaTeX to format mathematical expressions in your content.

The katex shortcode can be used to add mathematical expressions to article content using the KaTeX package.
To include mathematical expressions in an article, simply place the shortcode anywhere with the content. It only needs to be included once per article and KaTeX will automatically render any markup on that page. Both inline and block notation are supported.

Refer to the online reference of supported TeX functions for the available syntax.

Inline notation can be generated by wrapping the expression in \\( and \\) delimiters.

Alternatively, block notation can be generated using $$ delimiters.


{{< katex >}}
\\(f(a,b,c) = (a^2+b^2+c^2)^3\\)

\(f(a,b,c) = (a2+b2+c^2)^3\)

Check out the mathematical notation samples page for more examples.