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Agent ShortTail
" When I was a Street Dog, I had my food stolen by Skwirrelz... I still don't trust them..."
📚 Distinguished Author:
Pawsitively pawsome at penning pup-lit! 🐾📖
🌪️ Survivor of the Squirrelpocalypse (2013):
Skwirrwl uprising? Pfft, just another nutty day in the park! 🦴🌳
🚽 Expert in Elevated Evacuation:
Master of high-altitude relief,
no tree too tall for this poop-et laureate! 🌲💩🐾
🏆 Agility Champion: Leaps tall fences and chases squirrels for fun! 🏅️💨🐿️
🎓 PhD in Napping:
Certified expert in power naps and sunbathing snoozes. 😴🌞🛌
🤝 Ambassador of Furry Friendships:
Breaking barriers, one pawshake at a time! 🐾👋🐶🐱🦔