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Skip Pipeline Execution on Commit

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So I was working on creating a new version of Our docker-hugo container1….

HOWEVER My ci-pipeline2 for this sucks could use some improvement still.

I remembered there was an option to tell gitlab-ci to not run the pipeline on push, but was blanking on the parameters..

So… uh… There’s a couple options3:

Push options for GitLab CI #

Push option Description Example
ci.skip Do not create a CI/CD pipeline for the latest push. Skips only branch pipelines and not merge request pipelines. This does not skip pipelines for CI/CD integrations, such as Jenkins. git push -o ci.skip
ci.variable="<name>=<value>" Provide CI/CD variables to the CI/CD pipeline, if one is created due to the push. Passes variables only to branch pipelines and not merge request pipelines. git push -o ci.variable="MAX_RETRIES=10" -o ci.variable="MAX_TIME=600"
integrations.skip_ci Skip push events for CI/CD integrations, such as Atlassian Bamboo, Buildkite, Drone, Jenkins, and JetBrains TeamCity.4 git push -o integrations.skip_ci