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More fun with Ceph RADOSGW

More fun with ceph radosgw #

in a previous post, we went over how we got radosgw working inside ceph

root@px-m-44:~# ceph config-key set rgw/cert/noblewise/default.crt -i /etc/pve/priv/
set rgw/cert/noblewise/default.crt
root@px-m-44:~# ceph config-key set rgw/cert/noblewise/default.key -i /etc/pve/priv/
set rgw/cert/noblewise/default.key

vitor.prado Member May 24, 2023 New Add bookmark #6 Hi guys.

The issue is happening because the MGR is trying to connect to RGW with the hostname of RGW, instead the IP address. To avoid this problem, comment the variable rgw_dns_name in ceph.conf and configure your zonegroup to use hostnames with the FQDN of your domain and all name of yours RGW, like this:

{ “api_name” : “regionname”, “default_placement” : “default-placement”, “endpoints” : [ ], “hostnames” : [ “”, “rgw1-name”, “rgw2-name” ],

3 mins