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Why?! ?? #

I “need” a local S3 Endpoint that is durable and robust.
Since I’ve got a proxmox cluster with ceph storage already, I figured that was a good enough reason to try out ceph’s RGW1

But what about… #

Sure, I could use MinIO2,SeaweedFS3,Swift4, Garage5 (Which looks really cool!), or something similar, but…. well….



Ask me again why later…

ANYWAYS…. Lets get to it, shall we..

  1. RGW is an acronym for ‘RADOS GateWay’.. RADOS is an acronym for “Reliable Autonomic Distributed Object Store. RADOS is the object store that provides a scalable service for variably-sized objects. The RADOS object store is the core component of a Ceph cluster. This blog post from 2009 provides a beginner’s introduction to RADOS. Readers interested in a deeper understanding of RADOS are directed to RADOS: A Scalable, Reliable Storage Service for Petabyte-scale Storage Clusters. ↩︎

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