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Using s3cmd with RadosGW

Getting s3cmd wired up to RadosGW #

I walked through setting up radosgw with a proxmox cluster awhile back.
That was fun, and I learned a lot making it work.

Now I’d like to actually USE it y’know?
SO….. What’s next??


Well…. what felt the most sensible to me was to start by plumbing s3cmd up to work with it.

Pre-requisites #

  • A functional RadosGW setup.
    … โœ… Check
  • The desire to use s3cmd
    … โœ… Check
  • s3cmd installed

Okay Great! lets start there! #

Installing s3cmd #

Ubuntu #

Installing s3cmd - Ubuntu
apt-get update
apt-get install s3cmd

MacOS #

Installing s3cmd - MacOS
brew install s3cmd

Somewhat anticlimactic, huh?

Configuring s3cmd #

This is the config that gets generated:

Obviously there’s a couple changes to make to point s3cmd in the rght direction.


  • access_key
  • access_token
  • host_base
  • host_bucket

As a matter of fact, a barebones .s3cfg file need only contain the following:

Minimally functional .s3cfg file #

~$ cat ~/.s3cfg
access_key = key
secret_key = secret
host_base =
host_bucket = %(bucket)

Validation #

Now that we have it set up, lets make sure it works!

Cookin with gas!
~$ s3cmd  ls
2023-02-04 23:05  s3://testbucket
2023-02-05 00:01  s3://testbucket2

I’ll dive into setting up s3 webites in a future post… Toodles for now!

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