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Declaring netblocks in NetBox

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Using Netbox to try and more intelligently manage Private IP Space #

I’ve been playing with NetBox1 recently.
It’s pretty cool, quite honestly. While I’m in the process of cleaning stuff up, I decided to try to manage the various use of IPspace in dockerland across my VMs and hosts… So, figuring out how the IPAM facet of Netbox is managed helped.

What it seems like most users of netbox are doing is creating RIRs2 to indicate the different reservations of non-routable space, and then declaring Aggregates3 associated with those RIRs.

Importable RIRs and Aggregates representing Private IP Space. #

I simply pulled these CSVs together thru looking at the RFCs. Hopefully this helps someoene else.

Repo of constructs #

I’ve created a repo of importable things4

Hope this helps someone else!