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Ceph Device metrics in Proxmox

OOH! I can get this thing to visually display SMART data? neat! #

There’s some interesting shit one can do with ceph’s dashboard… Not that there aren’t multiple ways to represent this data, but I wanted to see how easy it’d be to get it represented… Fortunately, the Ceph Docs1 are pretty good thus far.

There were a few things I had to install to get the monitoring components rolling… and it’s entirely possible there are more still; nevertheless, it appears that there’s two “simple” ways to get devices’ smart data polled a few times

Herd-of-ants style #

with an open session on each ceph host; you can parallelize the inspection and have it run a bit faster:

collecting ceph device metrics from each host
for D in `ceph device ls-by-host \`hostname\` \
  |awk '{print $3}'|egrep -v DAEMONS`; do
  echo "`date` ${D}";
  ceph device scrape-daemon-health-metrics ${D};

One-Liner to get them all #

collecting ceph device metrics from each host
ceph device scrape-health-metrics